Halloween Catfight

Halloween Catfight

October 31, 2015

Wear a costume, or just wear yourself

but show up at Foxy’s annual Halloween Cat Fight and Parties. There will be a surprise feature band on Saturday night!

If you’ve noticed we posted some different dates over the summer about the Catfight and we regret that we didn’t have a firm date before we posted. Our apologies to all! So we will stick with the Catfight on October 25th, with a Halloween party to follow. There will also be a consolation Halloween party on November 1st for anyone who got lost and arrived on Jost Van Dyke a week late. So the silver lining is you can come to TWO Halloween Parties at Foxy’s this year!


Registration for the Sailing Cats kicks off on October 31, 2015.

The West End Yacht Club again is our host for the Cat Fight, starting about 11AM on Saturday, Great Harbour. Neither rain, nor cold, nor lack of wind will keep these Cats from a good fight.

And when the Cats finally anchor and the winners set foot on land — the party is on with great food, drinks, music and prizes for costumes.

** All boats are welcome to enter, as we have had for the past three years. There was a bit of confusion about what classes can enter, and this posting should clear up any mis-understanding.

Check out this video below for a
glimpse into the 2008 Cat Fight from Foxy’s Lair.